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Our Business Model:

Kokopelli, an internationally known Native American folklore tale about a roaming traveler, traditionally depicted playing the Native American flute. Kokopelli would travel the land, from tribe to tribe, playing his flute in which would bring growth to the land, and soon prosperity to the tribes across the nation. RobProPhoto has adapted the tools to do a similar job, from the sound captivating Native American Flute to the light capturing Camera. Both music and photography create a certain emotion, and it is this emotion that fuels the worlds growth. Businesses repetitively trust RobProPhoto every year, as the Native American Tribes trusted Kokopelli allowing him to return to work his musical magic, thus creating the growth of their crops and the prosperity of their tribe. We love to watch your crops grow seeing you prosper from the hidden workings of the photograph and the emotions they deliver to the people you want to show them to. That, makes us truly happy year after year!

Portrait of Famous Photographer RobProPhoto Rob Lindemann

About the Owner:

I grew up as a dancer, along with my two older sisters, and was the son of two entrepreneur business owning parents. After losing my mother from an unproven death, my artistic side began to take over for the greater part of my teens and early twenties (hence the soul searching began). It wasn’t until about the age of 25 that I decided to hone in all of my educational and life skills, and decided to stick with one thing. Photography was a way that I could mix my artistic side, my talkative side, and my always great ern for a mental challenge, the technical side. (Note, I was one of those kids that liked to read the dictionary… but not all the time.) I always was the observer type personality, one to take a step back and see from multiple perspectives. I would say this is my natural talent, to be able to pre-compose an entire scene in my imagination, without even being in the room. It is my goal, to place that composition from my imagination into a tangible form, something that then reflects into the viewers subconscious getting them to think about what they just saw, conversely reacting in the way in which I originally had planned for them to react. This is quite magical, and quite a powerful tool! I was always amazed at how powerful an image can be… the idea that one image can change the way the entire population thinks about a topic. Well, what they say is true… “With great power comes great responsibility.” I choose to dedicate my life to photography, preserving memories for families, and creating images for business minded clients that then reflects and creates emotions within their target market customers and clients. This is my love, my passion, and my dedication not only to myself, my art, but also you, your families, and your business passions and dreams. I am here to create memories for life.

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Awards & Certifications

The Knot Best Of Weddings Hall Of Fame 2017 Pick The Knot Best Of Weddings WeddingWire Couples Choice Awards 2016 Expertise Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver Washington Wedding Wire Brides Choice Awards Google Five Star Rated Business Wedding Industry Experts Awards Best Of My Wedding 2015 People Love Us On Yelp Professional Photographers of America Wedding Wire Rated Business ASMP American Society Of Media Photographers Nikon Professional Services Adobe Certified Expert