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Christina Provencio Portraits - RobProPhoto - Rob Pro Photo

All Photos Available For Print and Distribution. Please Contact RobProPhoto. Photo shoot in Portland Oregon at famous Laurelhurst Park with Photographer RobProPhoto and Yoga Instructor Christina Provencio. For the purpose of Business Headshots Business Portraits Portland Oregon.


Christina Provencio hired me for her business headshot portraits.  Her intention was to use them for her upcoming position at The Portland Rock Gym as a Restorative Yoga Instructor for her bio on their website.  I have no doubt about it that Christina is going to be a great Yogi as she grows into this position.  She also mentioned she would possibly be teaching as a studio instructor of Vinyasa as well at the Portland Rock Gym.  If you are unsure about the practices of these two types of Yoga’s you can read and learn about them here: Vinyasa Yoga, and Restorative Yoga.  Christina said that she will continue to work at the Jasmine Pearl Tea Company here in Portland Oregon, and I will continue to hold her to her promise of some very fine tea for helping her out with her portraits on my day off…:) you hear that Christina.  If you would like to find Christina you can find her at the Portland Rock Gym, Jasmine Pearl Tea Company, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.  Christina, keep being beautiful and I look forward to a future fashion / artistic photo shoots with you!


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